Me and my wife were planning to go to Mumbai. We checked reviews for various private bus service providers and Jabbar Travels seemed to be a safe bet. We booked our tickets through their app which was really good and we even got some discount. The journey too was very smooth which pushed us to book our return tickets with them. We would like to thank Jabbar Travels for making our journey memorable.

Mahendra Kumar

I had booked tickets for me and my grandparents with Jabbar Travels from Bangalore. The travel experience was great, my grandparents were not fatigued and they also helped us reach on-time.

Kishor Raj

I was travelling with Jabbar Travels from Chennai with my 1 year old daughter. The staff was very helpful and showed special attention towards the well-being of my toddler. I would like to thank Jabbar Travels for their courteous attitude.

Murali Dharan

I travelled from Hyderabad in Jabbar Travels last weekend. The bus was very well maintained and my berth was very comfy. The only thing which bothered me a bit was the gangway which was little narrow. Rest everything was fine. The driver was very cool and easy-going. Responded nicely to me. He also stopped the bus at the intermediate stops. It was a friendly atmosphere and I enjoyed the journey thoroughly. No unnecessary halts because of which we could reach our destination on time.

Vikram Pandey
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